Highway to Hell Cycle 9

HRH's very own "Rock Factor"

Once upon a time there were quite a few talent competitions, that asked people to sing and do things, however none really seemed to focus on original material or full band live performances.

That changed when Highway to Hell launched seven years ago, where we are only interested in Rock n Metal bands who can write and perform their own material. This started in Glasgow and ran there for 5 successful years, sounding out new talent and giving them a chance to break the world market. From 2015 unitl cyclee 8 last year we were @ the 02 Academy in Sheffield which was a resounding success and cycle 9 will be back there on the 31st August 2019 to do it "one more FKN time".

This can be every bands dream as the National Winners will get a 5 year Worldwide record contract for 2 albums, Press officers in all key territories, coveted slots at some of the Legendary HRH festivals and full backing from the HRH Marketing Machine & HRH Media Division which operates in 242 countries worldwide.

The competition is tough and too enter, you need to be nominated as a " Prospect " by either HRH HQ, HRH Radio or one of the HRH Chapter Houses UK wide. This will involve you submitting some of your material via soundloud and an HD video for You Tube onto our platform. Once the HRH Elite have heard and viewed them, they will start voting down into a final 20 bands. We now have our final 20 who will now battle it out "On Air" worldwide via Hard Rock Hell Radio which via the HRH Algorithm will score down to the final 10, who will make the pilgrimage to Sheffield, to play in front of a Sold Out HRH crowd as well as some judges from the music industry.

It's tough nowadays to make your mark worldwide but many bands have seen this as a great stepping stone to a credible status.

It's only a few weeks til the Final, so get involved, tune into HRH Radio, grab the HRH Bible app and lets turn it up

Hold on Tight Now





  • It was great to meet you all. I can happily say it was the best weekend I have had for an extremely long time. I actually spent time socialising and saw less bands than I intended but who cares
    Winny - HRH Forum.
  • We made it home safe. Thanks for an awesome weekend guys, can't wait for the next one!
    Beamiegoth - HRH Forum.
  • Last year's HRH was fantastic, but for me this one was on a completely different level. It was so great to meet up with friends from HTH and to meet so many people for the first time. Thanks all so much for a stunning weekend .... and the bands were pretty good too!!!
    Dawn Patrol - HRH Forum.
  • Where do I start ??
    Another fine HRH over and a quick roundup.

    Socially, by far the best HRH EVER for me, far too many people to mention but I made more friends this year than all others combined, the true family feel came over strong and my Missus was totally overwhelmed at the amount of people who came over and introduced themselves and chatted. A special thanks to Russ for the great fun during Airbourne's set, he got a load of us up and dancing, slapping his ass !!!!!! and generally being a star. Shakeys wife Jackie was brilliant with her arm waving while Shakes was trying to take photo's ...priceless.
    AllTomorrowsPartys - HRH Forum